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Stocking Stuffers from POC-Owned Businesses - All $25 & Under

Updated: Jan 23

We all know that the greatest gifts aren’t always the most expensive ones. And building a more inclusive economy by buying gifts from POC-owned businesses doesn’t have to be either!

In this holiday gift guide, we’ve put together a collection of thoughtful gifts that will show your friends and family that you care about them—while supporting entrepreneurs of color and being a little more cost-conscious.

1. Satisfy their sweet tooth with Madhu Chocolate x Diaspora Co.’s Idukki Black Pepper Bar

This collaboration between two South Asian-owned businesses, Diaspora Co. and Madhu Chocolate, features an aromatic Aranya black pepper paired with cacao beans, both sourced from India. Complex yet delicate, it’ll be sure to please any foodie in your life. ($10)

2. Think green with Ecovibe’s Travel Straw Set

EcoVibe, a Black co-owned business based out of Portland, Oregon, curates a collection of houseplants, home decor, and other sustainably- and ethically-made goods. Their sleek, iridescent, and collapsible stainless steel straw will become a daily part of life for your eco-conscious pals. ($9)

3. Zhuzh up their tea routine with Zach & Zoe’s Lavender Honey

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a Black family-owned beekeeping company based in the rolling hills of rural New Jersey. This comforting honey blend combines Wildflower Honey with lavender, an herb often associated with relieving stress and anxiety. A wonderful gift for tea lovers and those who want to #SavetheBees. ($20)

4. Help them make a fashion statement with Thrifty Upenyu’s African Fabric Face Masks

Thrifty Upenyu is a Black Woman-owned business that aims to incorporate vibrant and bold African fabrics and prints into everyday life and everyday wardrobes. These colorful face masks made from Ankara African fabric are not only fashionable, but also lightweight, washable, and reusable. A gift that anybody will love! ($16)

5. Spice up their life with Cutino Sauce Co’s Habanero Sauce

Cutino Sauce Co. is a Black-owned company that crafts gourmet, artisanal hot sauces, and this habanero sauce is where it all began. It packs some heat, but is more than that—it’s also bright, bold, and balanced. The ultimate gift for the spice fiends in your life. ($8)

6. Support their knitting hobby with Yarn Shoppe Denver’s (Bulky) Green Leaves yarn.

Yarn Shoppe Denver is a Black Woman-owned yarn store specializing in hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns made locally in Denver, CO. The colors are bold and beautiful, and the yarns come in a variety of weights--from superfine to bulky. Will be loved by both seasoned knitters/crocheters and those who picked it up as a quarantine hobby! ($19)

7. Enhance their coffee routine with Nguyen Coffee Supply’s Loyalty Coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply is the first Vietnamese-American importer, supplier, and roaster of green coffee beans from Vietnam in New York. This bestselling blend of single-origin Robusta & Arabica beans has a great balance and mouthfeel. Perfect for coffee drinkers as a fun change of pace or as the start of a new daily routine. ($15)

Use the code GIFTGOOD10 for 10% off your first purchase.

8. Bring extra life to their home with Altered Decor’s Nest Wall Vase

Altered Decor is a Black Women-owned boutique with a curated collection of items designed for gift-giving, decorating, or scenting your space. This wall-mounted vase adds a splash of color and life to any room. Especially good for those working from home! ($20)

9. Show off their love for small businesses with Gift Good Co.’s Inclusion Tote Bag

Gift Good Co. works towards creating a more diverse and inclusive economy by connecting people and organizations (like you!) to small- and medium-sized businesses owned by people of color. This tote (sourced by Soul Squad T-shirt Printers, a Black-owned business in Washington, DC) helps us support our mission and carry your friends' stuff. A good gift for those who love puns and love shopping at small, POC-owned businesses. ($25)

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