Nguyen Coffee Supply

First Vietnamese-American importer, supplier, and roaster of green coffee beans from Vietnam in New York.


Phone: (617) 981-3970

Location: 68 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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Nguyen Coffee Supply is the first ever Vietnamese-American-owned importer and roaster of green coffee beans from Vietnam in New York.

They partner with a 4th generation farmer, Mr. Ton, who owns and operates his family farm in Vietnam’s famed Central Highlands. Their mission: bring Mr.. Ton's organic, green beans to the U.S. for people to enjoy fresh roasted and in a variety of brew styles.

Nguyen Coffee Supply offers both the specialty arabica bean of Vietnam (comprising less than 10% of the country’s coffee production) and the famed robusta bean. For those who prefer a sweet and fruity brew, “Courage” consisting of 100% arabica offers an unmatched experience. For those looking for a bold and nutty brew with a smooth finish, the “Loyalty” blend brings together distinct characteristics of Vietnam’s arabica and robusta for the perfect balance.

For a 10% discount on your first purchase, use the code GIFTGOOD10 at checkout. 

AAPI-Owned, Woman-Owned

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