Diaspora Co.

South Asian-owned spice shop with sustainably sourced products.

Website: www.diasporaco.com

Phone: (510) 221-4090

Location: Oakland, California

Gift Card: Link 


Diaspora Co. was founded in 2017 to create a radically new, and equitable vision of the spice trade. Their mission is to decolonize "spices" as a commodity, back into a seasonal crop and turn a broken system into an equal exchange.

Today, the company works in close partnership with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to identify and provide ongoing support to partner farmers, all of who are on the cutting edge of regenrative, and sustainable agriculture. 

In addition to their gorgeous spices, Diaspora Co. collaborates with 2-3 BIPOC-led businesses to create unique and delicious food products every season. 

AAPI-Owned, Woman-Owned, Queer-Owned

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